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2014 GemeinschaftszeitThroughout the year, ZEGG offers an abundant selection of training courses, seminars, workshops and festivals:

you can learn about love and relationships, practice new forms of communication, or take another step on your path of personal growth. Events for working guests enable a direct experience of ZEGG as an ecological pioneer project.

All of our seminars and festivals are examples of “small-scale community”, making it possible for you to directly try out a holistic way of living.

Visiting us can change your life.



Due to current events, here is a short report from the reception

Dear guests,We get a lot of mails and we try very hard to answer promptly. Sometimes they are good wishes, questions, notifications and also cancellations and especially registrations 😉. Unfortunately this can lead to longer waiting times for response which we regret very much. Thank you very much for your patience. Due to the financial situation during the pandemic most of the employees are working short time and try to answer all inquiries, registrations and cancellations in a timely manner.



Courses for english speaking people 2021

Due to the current crisis we can offer only one course for English speaking people this year: the Yoga Teacher Training. Depending on the restrictions you can also sign up for the summer guest weeks taking place from May to September. Please see "List of events" for further information. We will send invoices only when we're sure the course takes place.



Friends of GEN - Building the New Normal in ZEGG

We are excited to share a video with you which we produced in cooperation with the Global Ecovillage Network.Ena lives since 2017 here and shares with you what touches her the most about ZEGG, what our communication tool Forum means to her and how it is as a community to be embedded in a bigger network. It's part of the campaign "Friends of GEN - Building the New Normal" which celebrates the many people and ecovillages seeded around the planet who are building their own “new normal” through the very lives they live. See for yourself!



Exploring Alternatives

Some of our visitors use their blogs afterwards to describe ZEGG and their experiences here, Here is one of those articles from early spring (before Corona crisis): 


next ZEGG events (in English)


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The ZEGG is a community of about 100 adults and children. How can we create a sustainable and creative life and an awake awareness to promote issues of love and sexuality, ecology, community, and create policy. We invite you to visit us, especially our summercamp.

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