NEXT GEN 10.12In the first week of October, ZEGG hosted two important meetings for the European ecovillage movement: the second meeting of the new GEN Europe Council and the first meeting of NextGEN, a sub-group in GEN which brings together young people from communities.
The GEN Europe Council is responsible for fostering and deepening the vision of the organisation.

GEN's main aims are to support communities, to promote the eco-village model and to promote exchange between its members. It also hopes to influence and interact with public institutions and society in general. The members of the council monitor the organisation's business activities and decide which projects, ideas and campaigns should receive financial support.
The four days were full of intensive, fruitful discussions, which should hopefully give fresh impetus to the task of empowering and publicising initiatives that offer solutions to humanity's greatest challenges, such as climate change or the quest for sustainable alternatives in the wake of the current crisis - which we can treat as a financial crisis but also a crisis of values.
The Council was grateful for the welcome and support it received from ZEGG. ZEGG is one of the founders of GEN and Thomas Heuser from ZEGG is one of the current board members.

On the weekend after the board meeting, 43 young people from 10 countries arrived in ZEGG to further develop the NextGEN initiative. The name is a short form of "Next GENeration", reflecting its membership: the younger generation from European ecovillages and communities. For three days, they discussed the development of ideas, projects and dreams in order to strengthen the feeling of collective togetherness. It was also hoped that the meeting would help to empower younger ecovillage members to step into leadership positions. This fits the spirit of Kofi Annan's last speech as UN Secretary-General, emphasising society's responsibility to equip young people with tools and knowledge to draft a better future characterised by solidarity, justice and sustainability.
(adapted from the report by Alfonso Flaquer, coordinator of the Spanish community network RIE)

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