thumb IMG 6135Whitsun 2014 - A Photo-Reportage





Wednesday, 11.6. | Day 6

Pfingstcamp 2014-11-1Pfingstcamp 2014-11-2Pfingstcamp 2014-11-3

 Pfingstcamp 2014-10--08---1Pfingstcamp 2014-11a-1



Tuesday, 10.6. | Day 5

Pfingstcamp 2014-10b-6Pfingstcamp 2014-10b-7Pfingstcamp 2014-10b-8

 Pfingstcamp 2014-10-1Pfingstcamp 2014-10-2Pfingstcamp 2014-10b-1

 Pfingstcamp 2014-10-2aPfingstcamp 2014-10-3Pfingstcamp 2014-10-4

 Pfingstcamp 2014-10k-1Pfingstcamp 2014-10k-2Pfingstcamp 2014-10k-3

 Pfingstcamp 2014-10k-4Pfingstcamp 2014-10k-5Pfingstcamp 2014-10k-6


Monday, 9.6. | Day 4

Pfingstcamp 2014-09e-1Pfingstcamp 2014-09e-2Pfingstcamp 2014-09e1-1

 Pfingstcamp 2014-09e-4Pfingstcamp 2014-09e-5Pfingstcamp 2014-09e-6

 Pfingstcamp 2014-09c-2Pfingstcamp 2014-09c-3Pfingstcamp 2014-09c-7


Pfingstcamp 2014-09f-2Pfingstcamp 2014-09f-3Pfingstcamp 2014-09o-7


Pfingstcamp 2014-09o-6Pfingstcamp 2014-09o-9-2Pfingstcamp 2014-09o-8


Pfingstcamp 2014-09o-9Pfingstcamp 2014-09o-10Pfingstcamp 2014-09o-11



Sunday, 8.6. | Day 3

Pfingstcamp 2014-07s-2thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-07s-3Pfingstcamp 2014-07s-1


Pfingstcamp 2014-08-1thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-08-2thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-08-7

 Pfingstcamp 2014-08-11Pfingstcamp 2014-08-10Pfingstcamp 2014-08c-3


Pfingstcamp 2014-08b-1thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-08c-5Pfingstcamp 2014-08c-4


Pfingstcamp 2014-08c-2Pfingstcamp 2014-08c-1


Saturday, 7.6. | Day 2

Pfingstcamp 2014-07-1Pfingstcamp 2014-07-3Pfingstcamp 2014-07-2

 Pfingstcamp 2014-07-6Pfingstcamp 2014-07-4Pfingstcamp 2014-07-7

Pfingstcamp 2014-08-6Pfingstcamp 2014-07s-4Pfingstcamp 2014-08-8


thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-07a-1thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-07a-2thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-07a-3




Friday, 6.6. | Day 1

thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-06-1thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-06-2thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-06-3


Pfingstcamp 2014-06-4Pfingstcamp 2014-06-5Pfingstcamp 2014-06-6

 Pfingstcamp 2014-06-7Pfingstcamp 2014-06-8Pfingstcamp 2014-06-9

thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-06-10thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-06-11Pfingstcamp 2014-06-12




Pfingstcamp 2014-07s-2thumb Pfingstcamp 2014-07s-3Pfingstcamp 2014-07s-1

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The ZEGG is a community of about 100 adults and children. How can we create a sustainable and creative life and an awake awareness to promote issues of love and sexuality, ecology, community, and create policy. We invite you to visit us, especially our summercamp.

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