ProstgGmbH SusanneFor some weeks now we've had a little ‘g’ in front of the “GmbH” in our company name - as of 1.1.2015 ZEGG is officially “gemeinnützig” or non-profit! Our official company name is now ZEGG Bildungszentrum gGmbH. “Bildungszentrum” translates as “Education Centre” and in German law a gGmbH is a non-profit limited liability company. During recent months we've invested a lot of energy into the conversion of our previous limited company. Since we have always considered our work to be “for the public benefit” it is great news to have this confirmed officially. This status will greatly help us achieve our aims.

Official non-profit recognition will also help us to focus our work. The community has a clear role – it is the heart of the living and learning centre that ZEGG is. We hope to further improve the way we make use of our experience and knowledge in finding answers to current issues and passing them on as part of our cultural and educational work.

The main focus of the new gGmbH is to support education. Our workshops, seminars and festivals all pass on skills related to communication, communal ways of living, and art and culture. Furthermore, we contribute to improving understanding between men and women.
A further important aim of the non-profit company is to promote environmental protection. Thanks to our ecological site management we have a wealth of expertise we can pass on when it comes to energy management, ecological gardening, and the establishment of life-supporting ecosystems.

All profits made by our operations are used to further these aims. That was always the way we worked – now it is regulated officially. For the next few years our main investment focus will be in developing our site, which will gradually be turned into a modern ecological education centre.

Last but not least, we are of course also very happy to be able to issue official donation receipts, enabling German taxpayers to claim tax exemption on your donations.

Please take this opportunity to support us with a donation and contribute to ZEGG flourishing in the future. You can find an overview of the possible ways to help .


ZEGG – Center for Social and Cultural Design

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 89
14806 Bad Belzig

Telefon: +49 (0) 33841 595-100
fax: +49 (0) 33841 595-102


The ZEGG is a community of about 100 adults and children. How can we create a sustainable and creative life and an awake awareness to promote issues of love and sexuality, ecology, community, and create policy. We invite you to visit us, especially our summercamp.

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