Civil march for Aleppo - Walking for peace

Stefanie Ring and Iris Jäger joined the civil march for Aleppo this winter.

Here Stefanie shares some of her experiences with us.

Unknown „It was one of the best decisions of my life to participate in this march. Normally I spend winter-time inside and in seclusion. But when I heard of the march I decided to join. We started walking on December 26th from the community „Schloss Tempelhof“ with about 300 people. The initiator Anna Alboth is a polish journalist and from the first day on we had more press inquiries than we could answer. I am a shy person when it comes to fotos and interviews. But as the attention of the media played an important part in the whole march, I soon gave my first interview.

In the beginning we still hadn´t really come together as a group which you could see in the way our discussions got out of hand. Many times I wished for ZEGG moderation techniques. For example when we reached Mahlow our demonstration got disbanded and some of us (we were 130 people at that time) found shelter in the nearby gym. After six hours of discussion all of us tried to sleep under the strong lights and the stale gym air. In the morning our muscles were sore and most of us had to treat their blisters. Our departure was hectic and we had to hurry with our breakfast to be back on the street. Otherwise we would have had to walk without police protection.

Sometimes we were walking through rain without even knowing how long we would have to walk this day, but there were good talks to entertain me. After two weeks of walking I started to realise that it is not about our destiny but more about just walking. I wasn´t even sure it was a good idea to get to Aleppo. We slept in warm and sometimes even comfortable schools or big gyms most of the time. Sometimes it was really cramped. But our group had changed and so our daily evening sessions transformed into warm and nice social gatherings. Sometimes there was a concert or we had visitors from Syria, sometimes there were kids running through our dormitory, we watched films or listened to interesting talks about the current situation in Syria.

A polish school made a film in which the children talk about what they hope politicians will do about the war in Syria. Because they couldn´t walk with us, they send us teddy bears with their names on them, which we intent to carry to Aleppo. The group size varied between 300 and 80 people, ever 10 days we took a break for one day in a bigger city and there was always a frequent change in our group. Some people just joined us for one weekend - at the end eyeryone was invited to join the march even if it´s for just one day!

The most precious part of our tour were the reactions of the people we met. Many were thankful to see us marching through their city and setting an example that the people in Syria will not be forgotten."

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