Because of the current crisis we cannot say when seminars and festivals can start again. Nevertheless you can register and will get a booking confirmation with all needed information about your seminar or festival. You will only receive an invoice when we know the event can happen. The early bird discount (only for festivals) depends on the date of registration. As soon as the situation becomes less tense and the restrictions will be loosened seminars and festivals will take place as planned.

This is a selection from the ZEGG seminar program, where translation is available.

Our events and seminars are held in German, with the exceptions, like the Yoga Teacher Training. The other seminars and events, such as the summer guest or action weeks, are held in German and English speakers are very welcome. However, we cannot promise that the main language for these events will be English. If the majority speaks German, there will be a translation for the English-speaking participants. It is not a simultaneous translation, but a translation by a German-speaking person who will kindly translate.
However, the situation is different in the summer camp, where there is simultaneous translation for the lectures, and there is an international forum group.

Ways to get to know ZEGG:

Our Summer Camp offers the most comprehensive insight into our work.

Our Work Activities are an down to earth opportunity to get to know the ZEGG commnity

Open Sundays, from April 5 until September 27, 2020, are the best times for visitors to drop in for a short visit, between 4 and 6 pm. A guided tour of the site starts at 4 pm. Meeting point is the village pub.

Info and Booking for all Events

Prices are generally listed with two components:
CF = course fee
B&L = board and lodging.

Since Bad Belzig is designated as a spa town, ZEGG is obliged to collect a €1.50/night spa tax (€0.75 for children) from every person whose stay in ZEGG is not job-related.


Please use the online registration form to register.


For all events, payment is due on arrival, in cash (euros) or in advance by bank transfer to:

GLS Bank, Acc.No.: 4006726901
Bank Code (BLZ): 43060967
For international bank transfers:
IBAN: DE46 4306 0967 4006 7269 01

Berliner Volksbank, Acc.No.: 820 101 3004
Bank Code (BLZ): 100 900 00,
For international bank transfers:
IBAN: DE03 1009 0000 8201 0130 04

Please bring a copy of your transfer confirmation! We don't accept credit cards.

Please state the name of the workshop/event and participant on the bank transfer and ensure that all transfer fees are covered, so that we receive the full course fee.

ZEGG – Center for Experimental Culture Design
Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 89, 14806 Bad Belzig, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)33841 595-100
Fax: +49 (0)33841 595-102


ZEGG – Center for Social and Cultural Design

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 89
14806 Bad Belzig

Telefon: +49 (0) 33841 595-100
fax: +49 (0) 33841 595-102


The ZEGG is a community of about 100 adults and children. How can we create a sustainable and creative life and an awake awareness to promote issues of love and sexuality, ecology, community, and create policy. We invite you to visit us, especially our summercamp.

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