Trance & Dance

Thu, 19. October 2017
Sun, 22. October 2017

TanzTranceTrance rituals connect us to ourselves, our vital power, Mother Earth and the nature of the whole.

We will explore elements from free dance, DanseVita and trance techniques from a range of cultures. Many of the sessions will be accompanied by live music and drumming. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a sweat lodge ceremony.

We invite you to enter these other worlds with your questions and goals. No prior experience is necessary – but please bring as much desire to move and explore as you can!

Led by: Silke Grimm, Rainer Henkel and Thomas Ritthoff

The language of this seminar is German but English speaking people are also welcome!

Price: € 230 CF + € 154,50 B&L/ST


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