Autumn Activity

Sun, 5. November 2017
Wed, 15. November 2017

holzspalten jelka 2You work with us about six hours a day at a construction site or taking care of our grounds. Depending on your personal preferences and possibilities you can choose a light activity or more physically challenging tasks.

There are time slots for groups with space for exchange and Forum on a daily basis. Sometimes there will be relaxing evenings at the sauna or around the campfire as well as dancing evenings – this will depend on whatever is going on at ZEGG at that exact point of time.

If you have never been in ZEGG before, we recommend to previously attend an information weekend.

The language of this seminar is German but English-speaking people are also welcome!

With Jo Genzgen and Christine Schumacher

Participation in the activity weeks is free of charge.


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The ZEGG is a community of about 100 adults and children. How can we create a sustainable and creative life and an awake awareness to promote issues of love and sexuality, ecology, community, and create policy. We invite you to visit us, especially our summercamp.