Spring Activity - FULLY BOOKED

Dom, 1. Marzo 2020
Final del curso:
Dom, 8. Marzo 2020

Herbstaktion 11.12 19During the activity week in Spring you will be working with our site team, chopping and stacking wood, tending the site, helping on a construction site or helping out in the kitchen.

Working together with others, you create a direct connection to ZEGG. You create something meaningful, come into contact, and perhaps even get to know yourself in a new way. Depending on your personal needs and possibilities, you can choose either a light work or a physically demanding task. All Activity Weeks are an intensive group experience. There are daily group sessions offering an opportunity for exchange and for ZEGG Forum. Evenings might be spent in our sauna, around the campfire or in our disco – depending what is currently happening here.

Participation in the Activity Week is free.
You work about six hours per day from Monday to Saturday.

If you have not visited ZEGG before, we recommend attending one of our Info Weekends first.

In September and October, depending on the weather, there are Harvest Action weeks which we announce at short notice here on our website.

The action weeks are held in German and English speakers are very welcome. However, we cannot promise that the main language for these events will be English. If the majority speaks German, there will be a translation for the English-speaking participants. It is not a simultaneous translation, but a translation by a German-speaking person who will kindly translate. However, the situation is different in the summer camp, where there is simultaneous translation for the lectures, and there is an international forum group.



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