Rhythm Drum Sound

Vie, 23. Octubre 2020
Final del curso:
Dom, 25. Octubre 2020
Thomas Ritthoff

Trommler ZEGGII(English-speaking participation possible, by prior arrangement)

Drumming course (also suitable for beginners)

We will play with rhythms and compositions that have their origins in the world’s major drumming cultures. The focus of this course is on:

»Communal learning

»Enjoying our creative self-expression

»Developing our own concept of playing

We will be looking at elementary basic rhythms, listening, and interaction. You will learn a variety of techniques and ways to play and drum, as well as the art of accompaniment so you can play along with other music and songs. To deepen what we are learning, we will connect drumming with personal ceremonies, meditation and free dance. Info: cometodrum.de

Led by: Thomas Ritthoff

Price: €170 CF + €111 B&L/ST (early-bird discount if booked by August 31st. CF: €153)

Registro online (nueva página)

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SemKey: 10373

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