We understand ZEGG as a cultural laboratory. Living in community serves us as a laboratory in which the foundations of an authentic, sustainable and cooperative culture are developed and lived. Transformational community is our path, not the goal.

As a political project, we want to change society and develop knowledge, experiences and structures for this. Every real cultural change begins within, with the healing of the soul's injuries and traumas and the discovery of the meta-conscious authentic core within us. 'In-world crisis' and environmental crisis are two sides of the same coin.

We are working on a paradigm shift from competition to cooperation, from blame to co-responsibility, from lone wolfism to mutual support, from consumption to honest contact. This means that we become aware of the structural consequences of the existing dominance culture within ourselves and gradually expose them. In a recognising and loving environment, they transform through being seen more deeply, new possibilities of behaviour, new values and decisions; and through the environment also actively supporting the emergence of new lived values. For us, this is the deeper meaning of community building.
Whenever we succeed in experiencing this change in the community, we sense how different a world based on love and trust could look. We feel that we are all - humans, animals, plants and all living beings - a connected part of a whole. That we want to take care of each other and need each other. The more we are in contact with ourselves and with each other, the more we will no longer see ourselves and the environment as a resource that we use without limits, but will insert ourselves into the vitality of give and take.

Individuality redefines itself in this overall view, not as a split-off part, but as a human being gifted with special abilities among people in trust. We begin to discover and develop our actual potential and internalise a culture that promotes the authentic, the circumspect, the contactful. In it, maintaining divisive/destructive identifications and roles no longer offers an evolutionary advantage. We learn to distinguish between what is an inner voice in the sense of being connected to our source and what is doing its mischief as an adopted, conditioned moral voice within us. This enables us to open a gap between ourselves (self) and a conditioned world view of some kind.

Love and sex

In a deep field of trust, love, relationship and child rearing can be embedded in a larger system. We experience how much more love and truthfulness emerge in the expanse of a conscious group and thus our sexuality also finds more cultural acceptance. Through supportive feedback we recognise where we don't really see our partners, but rather images that are formed from our experiences, expectations and desires. We learn where we enter into relationship and engage in sex out of our inner lack for validation. We understand where we conform to social norms and ideas. The more we free ourselves from conditioning, the freer love and life become - free from fear of loss, projection and pretence, free for committed relationships that remain honest and alive. Lovers are then free to take their place in the world.


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