In ZEGG you can find big and small solutions for a sustainable economy and life. We create a place where nature and humans can thrive together. Practically that means creating diverse, flexible, and resilient systems, which regulate and maintain themselves.

If you want to contribute, you are more than welcome to. Through a working event or as a volunteer: You help to manifest this vision of a spirited and cooperative life.

As a summer guest you will be given a direct glimpse at the sustainable and communal Economy and the way of living in ZEGG.

You work with us in the kitchen, the garden, in the cleaning team, on construction sites or on maintaining the site. Varying from light to physically demanding work, you will work four hours a day except Sunday. Normally, during the week, you will have the opportunity to work in different areas with different people who live in ZEGG.

The group times in the afternoon enable exchange possibilities regarding information and experience. However, there will not be deep group processes or the “Forum”.

You will have the option to participate in certain morning practices or events in the evening. Apart from the working hours you will have free time to do whatever you like (f.e. playing volleyball on the ZEGG-court, doing a bike trip (you can lend bikes here), drinking a tea or coffee in our little pub).

When there are international guests in the summer guest weeks the group will either be in english or there will be translation.

Arrival and Departure will be on Sundays. An earlier arrival or a delayed departure is not possible. However, there are short summer guest weeks before our festivals (see program to book these weeks).

In 2023, there will be special summer guest weeks for familys and for youths till the age of 35. Apart from that, families with kids are welcome to book every summer guest week. However, only in the special summer guest weeks for families there will be people from ZEGG who will do the childcare.

If it is your first time in ZEGG we ask you to join the site tour on Sunday. It will start at 15:00 at the ZEGG-entrance.

The accommodation will be in tents in the tentseason from May till the end of August. In the time before and after there are group sleeping rooms available for accommodation.

Costs: for 7 Days:
May /June: € 94,50
July / August: € 126,00

If there are open questions you can contact us via mail:

Next summer guest dates

During the festivals you can work for four hours a day in one of the different areas of ZEGG. In exchange you only have to pay half of the festival fee. As there is a program from morning till evening you will miss some of the events. The areas of work are: Cleaning, Kitchen and Garden (Pfingstcamp, Sommercamp). We try to fulfill your wish to work in a specific field but we cannot give guarantee.

As a Guesthelper it is
necessary that you have been to a festival in ZEGG before, because the split between taking part in the program and volunteering as a Guesthelper can be challenging and overwhelming without prior experience.

The places are limited and in high demand, so please contact us in time via email: . Please
name the area of work you want to work in, which festival you have already participated in ZEGG and your phone number.


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