mulch1Human life is embedded within nature: this is our understanding of ecology. We live in close partnership and cooperation with the land around us and with its beings

Our ecological work is guided by the principles of permaculture. It supports us in our quest for a sustainable way of living and a new use of the land. Permaculture is based on three principles:

  • Caring for nature – Restoring its health

  • Caring for humans – Nourishing the self, the clan and the community

  • Sharing on a fair basis – Living simply so others can simply live

Ökologie im ZEGGOur main projects are concerned with the following tangible issues:

  • Water: We have our own spring on site and have been processing our wastewater in our own plant-bed sewage system since 1992.

  • Building soil and landscaping:Over the years we have successfully increased the humus content in our organic garden by adding organic materials (e.g. mulch). We use sustainable and regional building materials (e.g. wood and clay) and experiment with new materials.

  • Resource management, Terra Preta and Carbon sink: Since 2013 we collect urine and use it to “charge” Biochar with nutrients. Then we let it ripen to Terra Preta soils with other organic waste in compost stacks. Terra Preta soils are a contribution to climate protection as Biochar permanently binds carbon in the soil. Since 2015 we produce our own sustainable Biochar from waste products with low emissions in a Kon-Tiki Kiln.
  • Energy supply from wood and sun: ZEGG now produces 100% of its heating and 85% of its electricity requirements on site – a large proportion of the latter from renewable energy sources and waste heat. Our energy supply is designed to be innovative, regional and CO2-neutral.

  • Food service in our kitchen: Meals in the ZEGG kitchen are vegetarian or vegan (this doesn't mean that all members are vegetarian). We mostly use products that are organic, from our own garden, from the region or Fair Trade products.

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ZEGG – Center for Social and Cultural Design

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The ZEGG is a community of about 100 adults and children. How can we create a sustainable and creative life and an awake awareness to promote issues of love and sexuality, ecology, community, and create policy. We invite you to visit us, especially our summercamp.

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