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2014 GemeinschaftszeitThroughout the year, ZEGG offers an abundant selection of training courses, seminars, workshops and festivals:

you can learn about love and relationships, practice new forms of communication, or take another step on your path of personal growth. Events for working guests enable a direct experience of ZEGG as an ecological pioneer project.

All of our seminars and festivals are examples of “small-scale community”, making it possible for you to directly try out a holistic way of living.

Visiting us can change your life.

If you have become acquainted with ZEGG and are thinking about joining, apply for the community course. To participate, you must have a good knowledge of German. The community course takes place every year in March/April. It is a core part of our seminar program and lasts five weeks. Here you will not only experience an intensive time of self-enquiry in a group of committed people, but also a "basic training" in conscious community formation. You will learn tools for dealing with group processes and gain insights into the special community culture of ZEGG.

If you would like to stay further afterwards, the "getting to know phase" begins: At the invitation of the community, you can spend the summer with us as a seasonal worker. You will live and work at ZEGG, get to know different areas of work and take part in the weekly community meetings. In the following winter the mutual process of getting to know each other can deepen.

If you decide to join the community after one year, you can apply as a newcomer. The community decides whether to accept you or not. In the beginner time you have the opportunity to deepen your connections to people, to take care of your financial basis and to put the community (as well as your own motivation) through its paces.

After one year as a beginner, you decide whether you want to become a community member and apply. If you fulfill the financial conditions and the community has a Yes for you, you are a community member "with all rights and duties".

How do we organize us? How do we make an easy and effective decision? Those are the live issues that we deal with every day when we organize our community and the non-profit training center. The sociocratic method we are using today is an further developement from the holacracy that was used since 2009.

In sociocracy there is a bigSoziokratieger focus on companionship and the strong hold in a community which is needed to make decisiones. For this reason the sociocratic model fits better to our way of living together. Sociocracy concentrates on the concepts of cooperation and paticipation. There are various application possibilities in which this concept can be used, for example in shools, politics, universities or even in companies. In all these diffenrent places and occasions sociocracy can help to create an easier and more trustful contact. It is also able to strengthen our respect for each other, and offers new possibilities to cooperate with and live your own freedom in a responsible way.

Our decisiones are mostly made by the concept of consens, within which everyone can be heard and give approval. We always come together as a group before we make a decision to share our different opinions and objections so all oft hem can be integrated in the process and further developement can be possible. Maybe one day the concept of sociocracy will be used for all the different questions that come up in the ZEGG community, but until that day we will go on experimenting.

On our 15-hectare site surrounded by light woodland you can find our Campus (a large paved

outdoor meeting area), a fire pond which you can swim in, a volleyball court, the guesthouse, a range of seminar rooms, the Children's House, the San Diego Café and the village pub, workshops and commercial premises, a media and office centre, a shared atelier for artists and much more.
One hectare is used as an organic garden. For our heating and hot water needs we have an environmentally friendly woodchip- and log-fired heating plants and several cogeneration (CHP) plants. Electricity is also produced by a photovoltaic system on the roofs different buildings. Our waste water is treated in our own constructed wetland sewage treatment plant.

ZEGG Site map: pdfsitemap 2021.pdf



Friends of GEN - Building the New Normal in ZEGG

We are excited to share a video with you which we produced in cooperation with the Global Ecovillage Network.Ena lives since 2017 here and shares with you what touches her the most about ZEGG, what our communication tool Forum means to her and how it is as a community to be embedded in a bigger network. It's part of the campaign "Friends of GEN - Building the New Normal" which celebrates the many people and ecovillages seeded around the planet who are building their own “new normal” through the very lives they live. See for yourself!



Exploring Alternatives

Some of our visitors use their blogs afterwards to describe ZEGG and their experiences here, Here is one of those articles from early spring (before Corona crisis): 



How do we deal with climate crisis?

Annik from our ecological task force wrote an article for the Communities Magazine in the U.S. describing our debates and actions within the community. Communities Mag Article.pdf



New Article about the ZEGG Forum

Our ZEGG Forum is mentioned in the Community Incubator Program (CLIPS) as a ressource for different community methods. And the article is a good summary of what Forum means: https://clips.gen-europe.org/the-forum-truth-trust-transformation-2/


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The ZEGG is a community of about 100 adults and children. How can we create a sustainable and creative life and an awake awareness to promote issues of love and sexuality, ecology, community, and create policy. We invite you to visit us, especially our summercamp.

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