Zisula 3ZEGG's Zisula Cordaches lead a seminar for community education and formation from 4.-14.3.16 in Skala Eco-Village near Thessaloniki in Greece. The seminar was made up of various modules in Community education and leadership of inner processes in the community, and was funded by an Erasmus EU program for adult education.

The community decided to take all participants to spend a day with the refugees at the Greek bordertown Idomeni, to assist in preparing and distributing food.


Skala Ecovillage is a very beautiful place with 7 hectares of surrounding forested lands with a view of the Koronia lake.
The community comprises five adults and three children with a large friendship network.
The ecovillage was founded by Anna Filippou and Nikiforos Pertsinidis almost 20 years ago. The first steps were to buy the land and develop the community which is now a role model of permaculture practices, with a great variety of fruit trees and a garden. In 2015 friends from the Tamera community in Portugal designed and built a terraced landscape with a retention basin for collecting rainwater
A great variety of plants and fruit trees were then planted in raised beds, and now after half a year the basin is full with water and the beds are green.
There is an infrastructure with a two-story straw-bale house and other small houses, and some people live in caravans and tents in the summer. There are also a plant-based sewage system, compost toilets, Biogas and solar systems in use.

Skala ecovillage is aspriring member of GEN Europe. RefuGEN was founded by several communities at the Green Phoenix meeting. Anna Filippou from Skala and Robert from Heilhaus in Germany took over the coordination of RefuGEN in December 2015.

Griechenland2Skala acts currently as the reception-point for volunteers returning from Lesbos or Idomeni or on their way to these and other crisis points to help the refugees. For this reason Skala is in need of resources, mostly in the form of voluntary support. They need people for can be present for a time to work in the garden, kitchen, with the children and to take care of the volunteers.

ZEGG has donated 1000 euros to Skala and in the next weeks three people plan to go there. Zisula Cordaches and Barbara Stützel will go to different places in Greece at the beginning of June for two weeks to offer a workshop in "Communities in Europe and tools for community buiilding"

For more information and to donate please contact Zisula Cordaches, .



The carrot in front of our nose - Lessons from ZEGG

This article was published by Tobias Bayr, who spended 2 years at ZEGG community. You can read it here: The Carrot in front of our nose-Lessons from ZEGG.pdf



Yoga Teacher Training meets ZEGG community

If you want to make a Yoga Teacher Training with the focus on Tantra Yoga, art and shamanism you can come to ZEGG community. Spend 3 weeks here in july with the Teacher Training of Durgas Tiger School (200 hrs. YA/YAI certificated). <teachers of the community will be part of the training with all their knowledge about the essence of different paths  such as Tantra, singing, dancing, shamanism, Forum. community wisdometc. Know more about this experience 



Civil March for Aleppo

Civil march for Aleppo - Walking for peace

Stefanie Ring and Iris Jäger joined the civil march for Aleppo this winter.


Here Stefanie shares some of her experiences with us.

„It was one of the best decisions of my life to participate in this march. Normally I spend winter-time inside and in seclusion. But when I heard of the march I decided to join. We started walking on December 26th from the community „Schloss Tempelhof“ with about 300 people. The initiator Anna Alboth is a polish journalist and from the first day on we had more press inquiries than we could answer. I am a shy person when it...



Carbon neutral ZEGG

We modernized ZEGGs energy supply completely 5 years ago. Now an evaluation has shown that carbon emissions have gone down remarkably if we look at the overall picture:100% of our electricitiy come from renewable ressources, 65% are produced on the premises. 80% of our heating energy is produced from renewables, most of it coming from the woodchip heating plant.


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