ZEGG Summercamp

Wed, 22. July 2020
Sun, 2. August 2020

July 22 - August 2, 2020

Dear people near and far. Corona and the counter measures hit us hard as an educational center. We cannot hold a regular international Summercamp this time. We are grieving and sorry for this, we will miss you! But at least the talks could be streamed and an online group is available. Be welcome to participate!

Online participitation

A new culture means to treat as normal something different to the ‘normal’ we previously accepted. This is very relevant now after the Corona Shutdown: Do we return to “normal” as soon as possible or did we learn about what is important in life?

Our vision is one of a culture of interconnection with all life and of a society that permits vulnerability, based on trust, cooperation and gratitude. Coping with climate crisis, for example, is not only a matter of being CO2-neutral. The outer change we can no longer avoid needs deep profound inner change as its basis. This affects all areas of our life: how we live, how we love, how we work. Learn why this can be seen as political.

It also gives us the opportunity to recognise that our way to live is not the only way to live – despite what we are often led to believe. Our fixed ideas and our priorities will change in a fundamental way as soon as we begin to accept a ‘Global Awareness’. We recognise our interconnection and celebrate it, regardless of how complex or hopeless the global, ecological and economic contexts seem to be. We will act in a responsible way.

This type of transformation in consciousness will lead to the emergence of a new culture. And because nobody can find the answers to the challenges of our era alone: Let's work on that together! Join us as we explore the inner prerequisites for a new cultural model!

  • Let us celebrate life and our existence as humans. Let us experience once again how we can live full of trust, feeling at home within a larger ‘we’. We connect to the outer world, consciously shaping change and transformation, prompted by an inner motivation.
  • Let us face up to the current social and ecological crises and to the question of how we can assume responsibility within them.
  • Let us look inside and explore inner transformation. Drawing inspiration from Integral Theory, we refer to the I, the WE and the IT, as well as the development of consciousness through its various stages.


Online participitation available now!

OFFER 1: You can watch our daily lectures and sharings in the legendary big ZEGG tent! We will provide recordings for you to watch the talks within 12 hours (german with english translation)

OFFER 2: You can watch our daily lectures and sharings in the legendary big ZEGG tent! We will provide recordings for you to watch the talks within 12 hours (german with english translation) AND in the evenings (at 8:30pm german summer time) you can join our online group session with video conference tools for up to 20 people (8 sessions at 1,5 hours).

The online group offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the issues and experiences of the mornings, to reflect and to integrate on all of this within a temporary community. The group also serves to help you explore your inner questions and feelings, offering a chance to experience how individual and community can complement each other, with mutual strength, nourishment and warmth. It is often a space for insight, for example, into the realisation of how the situation of the world and our own personal issues are connected, allowing inner and outer transformation to happen at the same time. The group is supported by foculizers who live in the ZEGG community.

Feel welcome to participate! And: as it is not possible to travel, we are grateful to at least save some CO2 from the atmosphere.

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The ZEGG is a community of about 100 adults and children. How can we create a sustainable and creative life and an awake awareness to promote issues of love and sexuality, ecology, community, and create policy. We invite you to visit us, especially our summercamp.

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