Path of Beauty – The Way is the Goal - CANCELLED

Wed, 17. May 2017
Sun, 21. May 2017



“May I make contact in beauty with myself, my life and others!

May I walk this blessed path of beauty.”

(From a Navajo prayer)

In the mornings we will be active around the ZEGG site, looking after the existing and arising places of power, and creating new ones. The afternoons will be devoted to training our feeling for the energies and qualities of various places. Introductions will be given into several geomantic systems. The meditation path on our site begins in the woods near the Women’s Space. During this week we will follow the organic route of the path and extend it until it emerges near the Men’s Space.

The language of this seminar is German but English-speaking people are also welcome!

Led by: Almut Groeger

Price: € 200 CF + € 106 B&L/ST 


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