The Forum is a form of group communication. It supports the change within us - towards a culture of cooperation, perception, empathy and contact.

In the forum, we see and sense issues of individuals in a larger context. One person at a time represents in the center what is alive in him - emotions, experiences, insights. They not only talk about them, but make them tangible for themselves and others through physical and emotional expression. A space for inner movements emerges. Here, deeper processes have a place that are often invisible in everyday communication: our real motives for action, our feelings, bodily sensations and impulses. Mindful leadership and the benevolent attention of the group support this process. In this way, new perspectives and possibilities for action can emerge. The group supports the person in the middle with feedback. The process of the forum creates transparency and trust in a group. Shared values and synergy effects are formed.

The forum is designed for people who live or work together, who share a common vision and follow values such as self-responsibility, compassion, solidarity and truthfulness.


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