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For culture change, successful relationships and a conscious approach to nature. We discover how connectiveness and cooperation can arise - a fullfilling life not based at the expense of future generations.

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Love as an attitude

To see love as an attitude and to strive for growing up in love is central to love research at ZEGG. Adult love is no longer about providing for oneself (as with the inner baby) or the need for security (as with child love). Nor the self-realisation of teenage love, but a giving attitude independent of the other person's behaviour. To love as an adult or to see oneself as a researcher for a new culture of love then means to decide for love again and again, to see it as one's own task and direction. Then extending love to several people becomes possible.

Love as a social work of art

One realisation is how significant a social and communal embedding is for peace, love and also sexual freedom to succeed. We often fail in love relationships because of our past and isolation, our personal hurts. It helps to see love today as a network of relationships or even a work of art. Feedback from the community, regular love exploration groups and sharing spaces are all part of this.

So is seeing love as a skill that can be learned. This includes research and training in the square on non-violent communication, on working with feelings and conscious discharge, on dealing with multiple partners.

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